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Focusing on Contact Lens Care

Have there been times when you've left your disposable contact lenses in for just a bit too long? It's a basic fact that things are in their best condition when they are fresh. It's no surprise that the same idea applies to your lenses. You should never leave your lenses in your eyes for longer than necessary. Even though you might be tempted, if you want to help your eyes stay healthy, follow the replacement regime that your eye care professional decides on. So, if your optometrist tells you to use a new pair monthly, then change them every month, because they're not made to withstand reuse.

A lot of people think to themselves, can't I get a couple more days out of them? To answer this, let's take a look at protein - not the type you stir into your shakes, but the natural protein contained in your eye fluids that gradually accumulates on the surface of your lenses, creating a light haze. Blurry vision is just the start.

As time goes on, these proteins change form and confuse your immune system, which begins to think that the buildup is a foreign particle, and the body's reaction can lead to itchy, swollen and irritated eyes. And this means that you won't be seeing your best. Other factors can also attribute to this, like the build up of dust or pollen on the lens Even if you take the best possible care of your contacts, as time passes, they stop being as smooth and clear, just due to regular wear and tear.

So basically, it's best to keep to the plan your eye care professional advises for you. If you dispose of and replace your lenses on schedule, you will never even recognize the difference that is so apparent when you overwear them.