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Seeing Clearly with Multifocals

Are you having difficulty when reading fine print? If you're close to middle-age, you might have presbyopia. If you already struggle with distance vision, and develop presbyopia, you don't need to start carrying and switching between two pairs of glasses. This is because of multifocal lenses, which correct both problems, making sure you always see clearly.

At one point, bifocals were the popular fix, but they have a major disadvantage; even though they help you to focus on both near and distant objects, middle distance is blurred. To fix this issue, progressive lenses were made, which offer and intermediate or transition part of the lens allowing you focus on distances that are in the middle. Let's explain how this works. Progressive lenses feature a gradual curvature, unlike a bifocal lens, which is harshly divided. Because of this, progressive lenses are also known as no-line lenses. This creates not only better vision at near and far distances, but also good transitions in between.

Progressive lenses, although better, can require a small period of time to adjust to. While the gentle transition of progressive lenses results in a product that is elegant, the lens's areas of focus are small, so that there's also room for transitional areas.

Even though multifocal lenses (or trifocals) are for presbyopia, bifocals are often used to aid children or adolescents with issues such as eye teaming, or being unable to focus while reading, which causes eye strain.

Multifocal lenses work best when they're customized to your exact and unique needs. So when it's time to get fitted, make sure it's with a professional you feel comfortable with.

If your prescription or fit is off you may find yourself suffering from eye strain, discomfort and headaches. Presbyopia catches up to most of us by a certain age, but there are ways to make it less restricting. A good pair of multifocals will ensure that your quality of life isn't affected.