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Why You Should Stop and Think About Purchasing Glasses on the Web

In today's world, where more and more consumers have become accustomed to shopping for anything and everything on the Web, glasses are a product that you should consider purchasing in person. Why? Although online stores often promote cheap rates, the benefits of going to an optician far outweigh the ''deals'' you might encounter through the Internet.

A convincing reason for buying eyeglasses at an eye wear store is that you have a qualified optician to help you make your decision. Our opticians can walk you through the countless considerations you will account for in selecting a glasses. In instances where you order through the Internet, you don't have the experienced advice of a professional optician.

Because your head shape and eye shape are unique, it is difficult to get the best fit for eyeglasses without first testing them on your face. An eye doctor will take your measurements and suggest eyeglasses that are a good match and won't cause discomfort. Eyeglasses that are too small tend to pinch the sides of your head, while frames that are too wide can slip off the bridge of your nose. Online eye wear stores may provide tips, but it is challenging to try and fit yourself.

Beyond the comfort and alignment of your glasses, great eyesight requires correct Pupillary Distance measurement. The optical center of your lenses provides you the best vision, making it important to accurately measure the distance between your pupils, or PD. It can be complicated to determine your PD by on your own, but without it, your lenses won't be placed correctly in the frames.

Yes, online buying may be perfect for other products, but with eyeglasses your best bet is sticking to your regular vision center where you are able to benefit from the staff expertise and advice.