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Color Vision Deficiency

What is Color Vision Deficiency?

Color blindness is the most severe form of CVD. Find out more:

Nearly everyone has heard of color blindness, but you may be surprised to learn that very few people are truly color blind. What most people who say they are color blind actually have is a condition known as Color Vision Deficiency. CVD characterized by the inability of the eye to differentiate between various shades of color. In extreme cases of color vision deficiency, the person is unable to perceive any color at all. This is true color blindness. For a full diagnosis visit Galbrecht Eyecare in Olathe call us at (913) 764-9300.

Three Types of Color Vision Deficiency

color vision deficiency color vision correction, eye doctor, Olathe, KS Color vision deficiency is usually divided into three main categories.  At Galbrecht Eyecare, we use the Farnsworth D15 - color vision test to determine what type of color deficiency you have. These three main types are:

  • Red-green color vision defects (this is the most common)
  • Blue-yellow color vision defects
  • Complete lack of color vision (aka - color blindness)

What is Color Vision Correction?

Color vision correction will not give you perfect color vision, but it will enable you to see more colors, shades and hues and will allow you to start to differentiate between them.

Most often color vision correction will:

  • Make colors brighter, clearer and more distinct
  • Enhance your color perception
  • Enable you to see shades that you couldn't perceive previously
  • Increase safety by allowing you to more easily distinguish traffic lights and brake lights
  • Help you start to identify and name colors

Color vision correction can be achieved using special corrective contact lenses which are prescribed for each particular patient to compensate for the missing filters in the eye. These special lenses will allow you to see more colors and shades of colors. It will also make the colors more vivid and distinct so that you'll be able to easily recognize new colors.

Why is Color Vision Deficiency a Problem?

color vision correction, optometrist, Olathe, KSSome people with CVD don't even know they have it, but most color vision deficient people struggle with it to some degree. CVD can limit career success in certain fields, contribute to safety problems especially road safety and electrical safety. Color vision deficiency may also cause problems with communication.

When you can see colors, you use them all the time. Think about how many times a day you describe an object by its color or recognize a person by the color of clothing. Giving or following directions may be harder if the person can't recognize a distinguishing landmark, and road safety can be compromised if a person can't differentiate red and green, for example, which are the colors used in stoplights and break lights. Similarly, electric work can be dangerous, since the wires are color coded for safety.

Color vision is worth it. That is why we provide color vision deficiency correction at Glabrecht Eye Care.

How Can I Learn More About Color Vision Correction?

Visit our Olathe, KS eye doctor's office for exceptional eye care and a consultation to find out the severity of your color vision deficiency and the solutions that are right for you.

Or, follow this link to the Wall Street Journal which talks about how new technologies are making it easier for people with Color Vision Deficiencies.

  • Find out how wearing X-Chrome contact lenses could help you see and distinguish more colors.