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Air Optix Aqua

air optix by ciba vision contact lenses olathe

For comfort on contact, all day, every day

CIBA VISION introduces its latest silicone hydrogel innovation – AIR OPTIXTM AQUA breathable contact lenses*, which deliver an advanced combination of oxygen and moisture for a healthy, natural feeling. The lens also offers excellent initial as well as all-day comfort. For a contact lens fitting visit Galbrecht Eyecare.

AIR OPTIX AQUA lenses start and stay comfortable with the new AQUA Moisture System, which includes:

  • A unique moisture agent that helps lubricate the lens for initial comfort
  • A patented lens material that helps maintain moisture by minimizing the rate of lens dehydrationi for comfort all day, and
  • An ultra-smooth surface with superior wettabilityii and excellent deposit resistanceiii for comfort every day.

Aks about Air Optix Aqua at Gakbrecht Eyecare in Olathe, KS

AIR OPTIX AQUA has a recommended replacement schedule of up to 4 weeks. For many patients, replacing their lenses on a monthly basis will be easier to remember and may help increase patient satisfaction, promoting higher compliance to the recommended replacement schedule. Clinical research shows the lens sustains its performance through a month of weariv, with no significant difference in subjective patient ratings of overall vision or comfort between 2 and 4 weeks . AIR OPTIX AQUA is approved for daily wear or up to 6 nights of extended wear.

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