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Contact Lens Eye Exams & Eye Care at the Walmart Vision Center

Dr. Galbrecht Helps You Find The Right Fit

Contact Lens Eye Exam in Olathe, KS

Eye doctor, Dr. Dianne Galbrecht and Joanne Galbrecht in Olathe, KSEye Examinations for contact lenses exams, like regular eye exams, are designed to make sure your eyes are healthy. The first step in any eye exam is for your eye doctor to check the overall health of your eyes, and also the quality of your vision.

Having an eye exam regularly, about once a year, is important because your eye doctor can keep track of any changes in your eye health, and catch any problems before they become serious.

A regular eye exam also allows your eye doctor to keep track of all vision changes in your eyes. As in any eye exam, after your doctor checks your eyes for any health issues, the next step is to test your vision, and create a prescription that will correct your vision. This prescription will later be converted into a prescription for contact lenses.

An eye exam is easy – it requires you to participate in a few different tests that your eye doctor will administer. It’s important for you to tell your eye doctor about any health conditions you suffer from, because different health conditions can affect eye health and vision.

Comprehensive eye exams specifically for contact lens wearers

Whether you wear contact lenses, have perfect vision, or wear glasses, a complete eye exam is essential. During a comprehensive eye exam, your eye doctor will check for any eye disorders, and also check your vision. Generally, a full eye exam will include the following:

  • Various eye tests designed to determine your refractive error and prescription
  • Tests to check how well your eyes work together
  • An exam using technology that allows your eye doctor to see a magnified view of the structures inside of your eyes. This allows your eye doctor to determine their health, and catch any eye disorders at the first sign of a problem
  • Eye pressure or “air puff” tests that check for glaucoma

Our eye doctor will usually dilate the pupils of your eye to see more clearly into the back of your eyes
If you already wear contact lenses, an eye exam will include additional routine examinations geared to checking your lenses. Your eye doctor will make sure that your lenses fit your eye properly. Also, the eye doctor will test your vision while you wear your lenses, to make sure your contact lenses are correcting your vision appropriately.

If you are getting contact lenses for the first time, a contact lens exam will also include a contact lens fitting with your eye doctor.

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