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Clear Chart

eye exam olatheGalbrecht EyeCare recently purchased the world’s most advanced Digital Acuity System, Clear Chart, which gives a comprehensive solution for all eye chart needs. Clear Chart was chosen because of the high reviews it received from among eye doctors, for its ease of use during an eye exam and the many benefits it can bring to our patients.

The Clear Chart is a digital chart which allows the doctor to change the letters easily and quickly in order to determine at what level a patient can accurately see. It gives the doctor the option to use numbers, a tumbling C or E, and pictures if the patient can’t read. The contrast is much better for patients to see the letters, but can also be dimmed to check for glare or contrast problems.The system reduces patient memorization and can be used with the room lights on for added comfort. It also has a hearing impaired communication system for effective testing of patients with hearing difficulties.

Featuring a 19 inch, high-contrast LCD flat panel screen it offers a variety of features including: Wide range of optotypes, Random sequencing, Contrast sensitivity testing, patient education slides, and a cartoon loop with sound to entertain a 3 year old while testing.

Dr. Galbrecht: “The patient looks at a computer screen and reads the letters they can see when prompted. This technology is more accurate and allows for better recording of the acuity level the patient is able to read. Our patients love it when you can change the letters with a remote control to prevent cheating from memorization.”

Dr. Galbrecht explains that this type of testing is particularly valuable for testing children or those patients who are diagnosed with ADD. A movie can be played to distract younger children in order to evaluate them easier, and letters can be replaced by pictures for younger children as well. This allows the eye doctor to know what a 3 year old is able to see even if they do not know their letters or numbers by sight.

“By covering one eye and testing each one separately, we can discover those children who are not using both together. This can lead to Amblyopia (a lazy eye) or Strabismus (an eye turn) and further inhibit the child to learn easily in school.”

Click on the link below to read the full interview with Dr. Diane Galbrecht. For more Information about Clear Chart and to schedule your eye exam using Clear Chart Visit Our Olathe and Shawnee Eye Doctor