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Dear Patients: Entrance to our Practice is from our Outside Door, to the right of the Home and Pharmacy Entrance of Walmart.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is retina imaging so important?

A: Retina imaging provides a foundation for future eye care and improve’s your eye doctor’s ability to detect diseases.

Q: WIll I have to have my eyes dilated?

A: Taking the pictures doesn’t require dilation, but all patients will be dilated to check the peripheral retina for diseases (the area of the eye the camera does not photograph).

Q: Will I be okay to drive after the exam?

A: YES! Dilation affects near vision for about 1 hour and makes your eyes more sensitive to the lights since the pupils are larger. We will give you a pair of disposable sunglasses to make your drive home a little easier.

Q: How long does it take to get retina photos?

A: It takes less than a minute.

Q: Does the retina image replace a doctor’s exam?

A: NO! Imaging can pick up subtle abnormalities the doctor can miss if the patient is unable to sit for a standard dilated exam.

Q: Will the exam hurt or make me feel uncomfortable?

A: NO! This exam is quick, relaxed, and designed for your comfort.

Q: How often should this exam be done?

A: It is recommended that a retinal image be taken annually in order to detect any changes in your health.


The Clear Chart is a digital chart which allows the doctor to change the letters easily and quickly in order to determine at what level a patient can accurately see.