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Dry Eye Causes & Treatments in Olathe

Our Dry Eye Specialist Restores Comfortable Sight to Sore Eyes

Do your eyes feel gritty, as if you have sand under your eyelids? Do you always need to rub your eyes or blink away a stinging sensation? Are you disturbed by a bloodshot appearance when you wake up and look in the mirror? All of these symptoms are possible signs of dry eye syndrome. While there is no absolute cure for dry eye, the good news is that our eye doctor at Galbrecht Eyecare in the West Olathe Walmart can help relieve your pain.

An Eye Exam to Determine the Cause

The first step that our dry eye specialist in Olathe will take towards providing dry eye treatment is to perform a thorough eye exam. Once we know the cause of your condition, we can recommend the most effective, personalized treatment. Everyone’s eyes are different, and every case of dry eye syndrome must be addressed individually.

After your eye exam in our West Olathe Walmart optometry office, we may advise some of the following dry eye treatments:


Mild cases of dry eye are often treated well by over-the-counter eye drops, such as artificial tears. Your best choice is to start with preservative-free solutions, as they contain minimal ingredients that can irritate your eyes. Usually, you can insert artificial tears as often as required.

Artificial tear inserts are another option. This remedy is similar to contact lenses, and you insert them into your eyes to enhance the natural coating of tears; they release moisture gradually throughout the day.

Preserving Natural Tears

If over-the-counter eye drops don’t alleviate your painful symptoms, an alternative therapy involves sealing your tear ducts with miniscule silicone plugs (permanent or temporary). Your natural tear film is thereby forced to stay on your eye and disperse across the surface. Your dry eye specialist in Olathe will insert these punctal plugs during a quick in-office procedure.

When dry eye syndrome is caused by sleeping with eyelids open slightly, wearing a plastic eye shield while dozing may do the trick.

Enhancing Tear Production & Composition

Some common dry eye treatments in our Olathe practice aim to raise the production or quality of tears. Possible therapies include:

  • Prescription eye drops to increase the manufacture of tears
  • Taking fish oil or nutritional supplements with omega-3 fatty acids, which can help improve the composition of your tears by adding fatty lipids to slow evaporation
  • LipiFlow is a device that unblocks the eye’s oil-producing glands through mild heat and pressure. This system can improve tear quality significantly and keep eyes better lubricated.

Treating Inflammation

Swelling of the eyelid or eye surface can get in the way of adequate tear production. Our dry eye specialist in Olathe, KS may prescribe anti-inflammatory eye drops, eyelid cleansers, or medicinal ointments to reduce inflammation. Warm compresses and eyelid massage may also be effective.

dry eye man olathe ksDry Eye and Contact Lenses

Wearing contacts for extended periods is a typical culprit that causes dry eyes. Yet, that doesn’t mean you always need to toss your contacts in the garbage for good. Often a change in the type of contact lenses is all that’s required to maintain the moisture on your eye’s surface.

For dry eye, Dr. Galbrecht typically recommends Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses. These lenses use the revolutionary HydraLuxe Technology, with tear infused engineering that relieves the discomfort of dry eyes. Acuvue Oasys contacts are available for a range of vision prescriptions and many of our Olathe, KS patients praise their all-day comfort. Diabetic retinopathy is an eye disease that only affects diabetics.

Ways to Prevent Dry Eye at Home

Sometimes a lifestyle change is enough to prevent or diminish your irritating symptoms of dry eye. Our eye doctor recommends:

  • Install an air filter to remove airborne irritants from the atmosphere
  • Use a humidifier to increase the moisture level in your environment
  • Wear sunglasses to block your eyes against wind
  • Hydrate your eyes with artificial tears eye drops
  • Warm compresses held against your eyes can stimulate tear production
  • Drink enough water to replenish your body with fluids

If dry eye symptoms are interfering with your comfortable and clear vision, contact Galbrecht Eyecare in the Olathe West Walmart to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you!

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